Boostrap Family

If you feel lonely in the entrepreneur journey, this community is for you. Meet up with the most resilient entrepreneurs of the tech industry.

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Far away from the fame of VC's and the fantasm of hyper growth, we are the entrepreneurs of the shadow.

Fragile, but ambitious, we, boostrapers, can sometimes feel lonely.

This Family brings together ambitious entrepreneurs, that are convinced that growth is compatible with their quest for freedom.

Bootstrap Family takes part of a more global movement of startups that avoid external financial infusion and accelerated growth as an end in itself.

Family Purpose

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Connecting with entrepreneurs sharing the same values so you never feel lonely again.

Sharing knowledge between the family so you learn from your big bro, he already went there.

Seek help, and help in return in your domaine expertise to elevate new family members.

To make this family worth it, you will have to be a proactiv member and show that you care.

Family Gathering

Our wish is to create a group of leaders in the tech industry, who help each other and sharemoments (dinners, seminars, Masterclass) to be better equipped to face their responsibilities.

After the COVID-19 crisis, we felt even more lonely. We try to meet in real life and connect deeply to the people part of the Boostrap Family.

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